16-09-2019 New Publication on SibShip Reconstruction

New Publication by PhD student Ines Neves titled “Estimating helminth burdens using sibship reconstruction” now available. Congratulations on her first paper and on its recommendation by F1000prime as being of special significance in its field.

“Sibship reconstruction is a form of parentage analysis that can be used to identify the number of helminth parental genotypes infecting individual hosts using genetic data on only their offspring. This has the potential to be used for estimating individual worm burdens when adult parasites are otherwise inaccessible, the case for many of the most globally important human helminthiases and neglected tropical diseases. Yet methods of inferring worm burdens from sibship reconstruction data on numbers of unique parental genotypes are lacking, limiting the method’s scope of application.” Read more here: https://parasitesandvectors.biomedcentral.com/articles/10.1186/s13071-019-3687-1

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