Duncan Berger


Duncan is a PhD student working on the evolutionary genomics of schistosomes. His primary focus is to understand the long-term impacts of mass drug administration programmes on populations of Schistosoma mansoni and link genomic changes to drug resistance phenotypes. Additionally, he is utilizing comparative genomics approaches to better understand the origin and nature of parasitism within the platyhelminths as well as evaluate occurrences of hybridisation between schistosome species.

In 2016, Duncan obtained a BSc in Biology at the University of Bath, and in 2017, an MRes in Infectious Diseases from the University of Edinburgh. Immediately following his Master’s degree Duncan started a PhD at the Wellcome Sanger Institute and is co-supervised by Professor Joanne Webster (RVC) and Drs. Matt Berriman and James Cotton (Wellcome Sanger Insitute).