Previous students and group members


Ph.D/ D.Phil. – Sole or Primary Supervisor

 Thomas Crellen:  Population genomics of Schistosoma mansoni.

Maya Kaushik:  The effect of parasites on host behaviour: studies on epidemiology, evolution and mechanism of action.

Anouk Gouvras:  Inter-specific schistosome interactions and human morbidity in Africa.

Dabing Lu:  Transmission dynamics of Schistosoma japonicum in China.

James Rudge:  Modelling of the transmission dynamics of Asian schistosomes.

Artemis Koukounari: Evaluating the impact of mass chemotherapy on schistosomiasis in Africa.

Poppy Lamberton: The impact of mass human chemotherapy on the genotype and phenotype of schistosomes in natural foci.

Alice Norton (nee Rafferty): Inter-specific interactions between snails and their trematodes.

Jaya Shrivastava:  Molecular epidemiology of schistosomes.

Lynsey Blair: Snail-schistosome interactions: implications for coevolution and control.

Charlotte M. Gower (nee Davies):   Snail-schistosome interactions and the evolution of virulence.


D/ D.Phil. students – Co-Supervisor

Alice Easton: Assessing the impact of mass deworming: changes in soil-transmitted helminth burden and the characteristics, co-infections and gut microbiome.

Picha Suwannahitatorn: Epidemiology of Opisthorchiasis in a Rural Community of Thailand

Fiona Fleming:  Cost-Economic evaluation of integrated neglected tropical disease control.

Polydor Ngoy Mutombo: The epidemiology of schistosomiasis and soil-transmitted helminthiasis in Mali and implications for their control.

Michael French: Mathematical modelling of schistosome disease dynamics under MDA.

Eva-Maria King: Immuno-epidemiology of helminth infections.

Stephen Battersby:  Rat infestations, Underground drainage, and Public health.