Stefano Catalano

Stefano Catalano


Stefano’s PhD project focuses on wildlife reservoirs of zoonotic Schistosoma species and hybrids in West Africa. Funded by the ZELS initiative , this study contributes to understanding the epidemiology and evolution of zoonotic schistosomiasis in sub-Saharan Africa. He is supervised by Professor Joanne Webster, Dr Mariama Sene-Wade (Université Gaston Berger – Saint-Louis du Sénégal) and Professor David Rollinson (Natural History Museum).

Stefano graduated in Veterinary Medicine from the University of Naples Federico II, Italy, with a thesis on helminth communities in wild hares of the Italian Alps. This interest for wildlife and their parasites led him to the University of Calgary, Canada, with the opportunities to work on the role of coyotes in the transmission cycle of echinococcosis, and to complete a MSc focusing on hookworms and other parasites of grizzly and black bears. Stefano’s PhD aims to further his interest in Parasitology at the human-wildlife interface within a One Health framework.


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